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Workshop day 4 - Filming 

The teams went off to film, the system was that the tutors would be on call at the radio station and any issues could be discussed via phone and as most projects were being filmed in the local area it was easy to go out to visit the teams or for them to come and show rushes from their filming. If needed, the groups were informed that we could attend the filming sessions, yet never has a group requested this; wanting instead to be independent and to, we always think to prove their professionalism. It's always a little nervous having taught; hoping that everything goes well, when so many things can go wrong i.e. did they charge the batteries, have they set a white balance for each shot ? The groups came back with smiles, always a good sign, and stories of things that went wrong, and went well. Yet all had filmed what they thought were good stories. The teams got down to editing and even after we left they were still discussing shots, styles and continuing to edit.


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