The project worked with the Mayan radio station network and advocated citizen journalism and transferred key media skills to the indigenous community. It also enabled research into the effects of media empowerment on the community and aimed to bring advice, guidance and research around the topic to media practitioners and the industry, academics and the third sector. 

The workshops were broken down into 3 parts:

  1. Historical - Using Media and Why it’s Important

  2. Key Skills – Working as a Journalist- Techniques and    Considerations

  3. Technical – Record it! How to Capture your Stories

The objectives were:

  • To deliver media skills and create career opportunities and personal/community development.

  • For participants to create films to be shown on a portal to represent themselves and their culture/news in a way in which  they have central control.

  • To create material for the wider public that is fair and from a non-‘western’ perspective.

The objectives were:

  • To illustrate to the media and academic industry the importance, benefits and difficulties of media empowerment and citizen journalism.

  • To train local volunteers to ensure that the project is sustainable after we leave.

All the objectives for the project were met successfully

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